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Shift of the Ages | Yogi Bhajan | Kundalini Yoga

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

The following is an excerpt of a talk given by Yogi Bhajan in Los Angeles, 1987.

Aquarian Age

The aquarian age is clear, pure, white and precious. It is an era of acknowledgment rather than knowledge. It is an era, not of getting redeemed, not of seeking honor, but of purity within and purity without. Stars and their energies are changing. People who feel that God is outside and pleasure is outside will fall into the pit of pain. People who feel that God is inside shall prosper.

There is to be harmony, peace and tranquility for those who go inside into their shining purity. Going within does not mean that you escape into the universe and become isolated, antisocial, or rude, or pretend to go inward. Power, energy and life (not maya) belong to those who experience their completeness inside themselves.

There will be a tremendous urge to merge with higher consciousness. We will not be going up to heaven, we will experience haven now, here. I am heaven. I am God. I am the universe. I am the cosmos. But not with pride, ego, or anger. The relationship between man or woman and God will be a merged relationship. Nobody shall seek God outside themselves.

It is the era of ek ong kar, sat nam, and voluntary enlightenment.

The heart opening techniques of Kundalini Yoga correct body/brain chemistry imbalances and deficiencies and stimulate the thymus gland to secrete in healthy ways, gradually reactivating this inactive gland inviting the heart to open naturally. Those suffering from the gnawing pains of depression can fill their inner void by awakening the light of their soul. #gururattanaphd

The game of love means to identify ourselves as infinity, not as an individual, that's the difference. It's a huge difference, you have to understand today. You cannot identify yourself as an individual. You have to become a very simple solid, neutral, well mannered, and loving person. #yogibhajan


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