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Stillpoint | Sat Nam Rasayan® | Kundalini Yoga

Sat Nam Rasayan® means deep relaxation into true identity.

SNR® is a meditative healing technique in the tradition of Kundalini Yoga. It helps to release stress and tension and activates the body’s own healing power. Its deeply relaxing effect may also help lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety, and boost immunity. It not only helps yoga practitioners and therapist but anyone who wishes to learn a meditative healing technique.

Yogi Bhajan, often spoke about shuniya, a point of zero, of absolute stillness; a point at which the ego can't but surrender, a state of indifferentiation. The more time spent in this highest state of non-reactive calm, our projective meditative mind develops its magnetic power and attracts our soul. Over time this practice of stillness allows us to move through daily life with greater awareness and serenity.

Miracles are nurtured in shuniya.

Shuniya is a deep, meditative state of consciousness where the separate self identity softens into stillness. This state of being is so pure and clear that it is often referred to as a state of zero. In shuniya, the greater aspect of self, or the higher self, is available and the experience of oneness is realized. ~ Shyniya

Guru Dev Singh, an early student of Yogi Bhajan, spent his life perfecting this healing technique, and guided countless students towards stillness, as well as taught them how to help others heal. Hargopal Kaur Khalsa was one of his earliest students and she has spent many years facilitating healing through SNR®.


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